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Chef Ronny

Head Chef Ronny was born and raised on Long Island, New York. He has always been a "natural" when it comes to cooking. As early as three years old, Ronny would accompany his grandmother in the kitchen. He would watch, learn, and eventually join in. At the age of 6, Ronny cooked his first Thanksgiving turkey on his own. His grandmother also prepared one in the spirit of a friendly competition. Once the family tried both turkeys, Ronny was declared the winner! From that day forth, he would be trusted to prepare Thanksgiving dinner every year.


His passion, drive, and love for cooking was born. Ronny has also managed to express his love for life through dance, music, entertainment, and service.  He takes these things and fuses them to create a one of a kind dining experience. Witness the unique thrill that that is Hibachi, Cocktail, & Entertainment!

Celebrity Chef & Entertainer that Delivers

We never disappoint. A raw, fun, and visceral experience delivered every time.

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